The simple answer is “yes, but indirectly.” For example… Does Emailchemy create Outlook PST files? No, but it creates files that can be imported into Outlook.

Emailchemy converts email to open, standard formats (and a few variations) which are directly importable by most modern email programs. These formats are all based on the RFC-2822 Internet Message Format for maximum portability and compatibility. The core 3 formats are:

.eml : a file with a single RFC-2822 message in it
mbox : a common mailbox format that contains one or more RFC-2822 messages
maildir : a common mailbox format that is made of directories (folders) of RFC-2822 message files

All modern email software can either import one of these standard formats or at least be tricked into importing it with Emailchemy’s ImportServer tool.

A complete list of supported formats can be found on the Emailchemy web page and in the Emailchemy User Manual. The User Manual also has instructions for importing the converted mail into many modern mail programs.

The IMAP ImportServer, a part of the Emailchemy Toolbox, is designed for helping you to import your converted mail into all email programs. This tool hosts converted mail on an embedded mail server for your new mail program to download it from. See the Emailchemy User Manual for more information.

One thought on “FAQ: Does Emailchemy convert my email to …?

  • June 6, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    I’d like to move emails from OS X 10.4 Mail to Windows 7 Mail (i.e. Windows Live Mail). The Windows Live Mail import dialog offers three options “Outlook Express 6”, “Windows Live Mail” and “Windows Mail”. Can Emailchemy handle this conversion, and if so, what are the recommended steps? Thanks, Pete