This update is mainly to fix some minor bugs, but also to return Emailchemy on Mac OS X to a “universal” binary. The last few builds of the Emailchemy app for Mac have been for Intel-based Macs only, but now it works on both Intel and the older PowerPC Macs.

The bugs that were fixed were only a problem in very rare cases, for example, if you were converting Japanese emails with extremely long subject lines, or if you were converting Outlook Express 4 for Mac files where the mail folder names had a slash (“/”) in the name.

Work continues on the Outlook 2011 native converter, and in this release there is a converter for the new .olk14MsgSource files. The rest of the format will be done in a coming soon release. For now, you can use the Outlook 2011 for Mac OLM file converter to get your mail out of Outlook 2011.