Last night we released Emailchemy 11.2.1, a minor update, including these changes:

  • Excludes RSS feeds from Apple Mail conversions
  • Fixed registration issue on Solaris 11
  • Improved IMAP server performance
  • Improved compatibility of IMAP server with Outlook 2010 for Windows

RSS feeds in Apple Mail are now stored as mail archives, which is confusing, because RSS feeds are not email messages. So, just as Emailchemy ignores Usenet newsgroups (some older email clients included them – kids, ask your parents), Emailchemy now ignores the RSS feeds.

The registration issue on Solaris 11 was interesting, since fixing it required figuring out how and where to install Solaris 11 for testing. It turns out it’s pretty easy to get it running on Oracle’s VirtualBox.

Emailchemy’s embedded IMAP server had an issue with Outlook 2010 for Windows only, when nested folder paths exceeded a length of 115 characters (which is a lot longer than it sounds). So if you were trying to use the IMAP server with Outlook 2010 but it was stalling at deeply nested folders, please try it now.

A few users have recently complained that the IMAP server is slow. It’s not meant to be a high-performance mail server; it only implements enough of the IMAP spec to allow you to download email from it. However, we did improve processing speed a bit by making some changes to how the server breaks a tight loop (to give other processes time to execute).