This new version fixes a couple bugs and improves performance of the PST and OML converters. One of the bugs was pretty rare, and you would have only been affected if you had files from a French installation of Eudora for Windows. The other was that one of the filename templates for EML output wasn’t selectable.

The changes to the Outlook PST converter were made mainly so that the message counts match what other tools (like FTK) might report, though the additional “messages” aren’t really email messages. The additional records accounted for are inter-process communications or mail non-delivery reports. If you’re a customer doing forensics, this should help provide high confidence that Emailchemy is getting out everything it can. Personal Edition customers won’t experience a difference.

Emailchemy’s Outlook OLM converter now extracts digitally-signed messages from OLM files too. Previously, it didn’t know how to read these messages, and the digitally-signed messages were extracted with no content.