Emailchemy’s New De-Duplication Feature

We released version 12 last week and it includes a very cool new feature: de-duplication. De-duplication will filter out duplicate email messages during the conversion process, and it’s really easy to use. All you have to do is just turn on de-duplication in Emailchemy’s preferences. That’s really all there is

Mac Downloads Fixed

For 10 years, we’ve distributed Emailchemy for Mac as a .tgz file — a gzip’d tar file — but lately Mac OS X has been having trouble with it. So, now Emailchemy for Mac is a .dmg file download — a Mac disk image. If you have Safari setup to

WKS now on Facebook

We’ve published a Facebook page, and we’ll be integrating it into our blog and website over the next few weeks. While we often consider ourselves “champions of tech agnosticism”, it really seems lately that, to a lot of users, Facebook IS the Internet. This reminds me of when how Usenet

Emailchemy 11.3.5 released

Emailchemy 11.3.5 contains an important bug fix for users who were trying to use Emailchemy’s IMAP server with MailMate. If you had trouble using MailMate with Emailchemy, please try again with this release. We’ve also addressed a couple issues for Mac users. First, Emailchemy now works with Java 7 on

Emailchemy 11.3.4 released

Emailchemy 11.3.4 fixes a memory issue in the IMAP server and improves how the Google Apps Uploader writes nested folders in Gmail. Please note that Emailchemy for Mac OS X will only run with Java 5 or Java 6. The app is not yet compatible with Oracle’s Java 7 for