Emailchemy 9.8.7 is now available on the website. This maintenance release includes:

  • Conversion logging now available in CLI
  • Conversion log now using syslog format
  • GUI Bug fixes for Google Apps Uploader and Entourage Archive wizard

Conversion logging has been absent from the command-line interface (CLI) ever since we took the CLI out of beta, but now logging is back. However, it’s not a command line switch or argument of its own; you have to use the –configfile= argument and specify a settings file. Recall that settings files are exported from Emailchemy’s Preferences window in the GUI. So, run the GUI, go into the preferences and check the “Write log” checkbox, export the settings to a file, then use that settings file as the config file for the CLI.

The log format was also due for an update. Given the plethora of log file analyzer tools available that use the standard syslog format, we decided this would be a better format to use than the one we had. Plus, it provides flexibility for us to add more features to the logging as needed.

Finally, there were a couple of minor bugs in the GUI that prevented files from being selected or buttons from being clickable. Those are fixed.

Emailchemy 9.8.7 released
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