We’ve received several notes from customers who have had trouble running and using Emailchemy on Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger”. Tiger was released in 2005 with its final update, 10.4.11, released in 2007, but people still use it because it is the last version of Mac OS X that runs on PowerPC Macs. Supporting such an old version of Mac OS X is challenging, but we’re still willing to try.

If you are running Tiger, you should have Mac OS X 10.4.11 and you should have Java Update 9. You may have to run Software Update a few times to get all the updates. To check your Java version, run the Terminal app and type this at the command prompt: java -version

You should see: java version “1.5.0_19”

Also, we’ve released a special build of Emailchemy specifically for those running Mac OS X Tiger. We had to do this because Emailchemy uses a library that is supposed to make certain parts of the app more Mac-like, but recent versions of this library have issues working on Tiger.

So, if you are still running Tiger:

  1. Run Software Update repeatedly until you get all the updates installed
  2. Download and install the Tiger version of Emailchemy
Emailchemy on Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4)
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