Emailchemy 11.3.5 contains an important bug fix for users who were trying to use Emailchemy’s IMAP server with MailMate. If you had trouble using MailMate with Emailchemy, please try again with this release.

We’ve also addressed a couple issues for Mac users. First, Emailchemy now works with Java 7 on Mac. Apple has stopped building its own version of Java after Java 6, and now Oracle is building it (just like they do for Windows and Linux). Java 7 from Oracle, the one you get when you install Java from, launches apps differently than the Apple Java, so now we have to have 2 separate installers/launchers for Emailchemy on Mac OSX. If you have Mac OSX 10.7 or 10.8, you should install the Java 7 from

We’ve also modified the Mac installer so that it can detect if you are installing on Mac OSX 10.4 (“Tiger”), so that it can install some older versions of some application files that Tiger needs for Emailchemy to run correctly.

Because of these changes to support a wide range of Mac OSX versions, the installation of Emailchemy for Mac is no longer a “drag to the Applications folder” process, but instead now an installer app that you double-click to run.

Emailchemy 11.3.5 released
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