Emailchemy 13.0 is now available for download. It includes several new converters and a powerful new message filtering capability. Emailchemy 13 is a free upgrade for current license holders. If your license is more than 1 year old, you will be able to use Emailchemy 13 by purchasing a license renewal (contact support for details).


The new formats are:

  • AOL for Mac (v3 and newer)
  • AOL Desktop for Mac
  • Apple Mail v9 (El Capitan)
  • CompuServe v3 and v4 for Windows
  • Outlook 2015/2016 for Mac

As always, Emailchemy converts the emails from these applications – not the tasks, notes, contacts, calendar, rules or whatever else. The email organization (the folders) is preserved in the conversion, and in all converters but AOL for Mac, attachments are preserved as well.

The new filtering capability is pretty cool. The filter is now a step in the Conversion Wizard tool. If you don’t want to use it, select “Convert All Messages” and Emailchemy will work as it always has. Otherwise, it works a bit like how you might setup filtering rules in your email application.




First, select which attribute you want to filter on in the first dropdown on the left:

  • Date Sent
  • Folder Name
  • Sender
  • Recipient
  • Subject

Then, select how you want to match the attribute in the first column. The matching operators you can select here may be different depending on the attribute.

For Date Sent, you can choose:

  • is the date
  • is on or after
  • is before

For all other attributes, you can choose:

  • contains
  • begins with
  • ends with
  • does not contain
  • is equal to

Finally, enter the date or text you want to match on and your rule is complete. If you want to add another rule, click the “+” button at the end of the rule. To delete a rule, click the “-” button at the end of the rule.

Look for a blog post soon for examples.

Emailchemy 13.0 Released
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