Emailchemy 13.2 adds the ability to convert emails from Apple Mail “V4” folders found in macOS Sierra. It also includes a change to the embedded IMAP server used for importing email into Outlook and many other IMAP-compatible email applications.

The IMAP server previously would mark folders on the server as “read-only”, which normally isn’t a problem because the email messages in the folders on the server are only meant to be read. However, after copying the folders to a local PST file in Outlook, Outlook would preserve the “read-only” attribute even in the local copy, rendering the folders unmodifiable.  To address this, the folders on the IMAP server are now marked as “read-write”.

Emailchemy 13.2 is a free update for Emailchemy 13 license holders and can be downloaded now on our web site.

Emailchemy 13.2 Released
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