Emailchemy v13.3 is a major update to Emailchemy that adds support for converting the new mail archives created by macOS High Sierra’s Mail app. This version also adds support for professional licenses to be installed on USB dongles, to make it easier to use Emailchemy across several computers. We’ve also fixed a few bugs in these converters:

  • Entourage Cache converter: library conflict introduced in last version prevented this converter from working on some installations
  • Outlook MSG converter: fixed an issue that made some messages display as empty when viewed in an email app.
  • Outlook PST converter: fixed an issue where some messages were being skipped in PST files created by an other email export tool

We’ve also updated the included Java version to the latest 1.8 release. This gives Emailchemy better access to newer libraries and capabilities, helping us add features faster. This also means that this and future Mac versions of Emailchemy will require macOS 10.7 or higher.

Emailchemy 13.3 Adds Support for macOS High Sierra
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