Emailchemy 14 adds a major new feature: converting directly to Outlook PST files. Previously, you would have to import your mail into Outlook using Emailchemy’s IMAP ImportServer, but now you can convert any format to PST files directly and automatically. This has been the most requested new feature and we’re happy to finally make it available.

Converting to proprietary formats always felt a little off-mission for Emailchemy, a tool that was built for pulling email out of proprietary formats. But, in the 15 years since Emailchemy was first launched, the email world has consolidated around a handful of tools and now even the PST format has an open specification.

Emailchemy 14 adds several more new features:

  • New Thunderbird converter adds support for IMAP accounts and maildir storage
  • Convert Google Takeout files
  • Easier IMAP-based importing
  • Faster conversion filters
  • Improvements to Apple Mail converter and CSV output
  • Address Harvester output now compatible with Google Contacts
  • Option to normalize timestamps to UTC

So please try it out. You can now even convert Google Takeout to Outlook PST!


Emailchemy 14 Released Today: Adds PST Output
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