Emailchemy Forensic Edition installs the license key on USB thumb drives to allow users to easily use their license on multiple computers. We’ve found and fixed an issue where these license “dongles” were not working as expected. It turns out that certain bulk or unbranded USB flash drives are incompatible with Emailchemy’s dongle creation process. Emailchemy 14.0.6 addresses this by preventing the attempts to activate incompatible USB flash drives.

If during the dongle creation process Emailchemy says it could not detect a USB flash drive, try using a different one. For best results, use a name-brand flash drive, like SanDisk, Kingston, or MicroCenter.

If you have already created a license dongle and are finding that it cannot be used on other computers, contact support for assistance with creating a new dongle.

Emailchemy 14.0.6 Fixes Dongle Creation
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