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Emailchemy 14.2 was released today with new functionality for converting Outlook OST files and Apple Mail files from the new macOS Mojave beta.

The PST converter in Emailchemy has been able to read OST files from versions of Outlook prior to Outlook 2013, but now Emailchemy has a separate OST converter that can handle OST files from all versions of Outlook.

So yes, you can use Emailchemy to convert OST to PST. Or to mbox, EML, RGE, OLM, or any other format Emailchemy writes.

macOS Mojave Support

macOS Mojave isn’t officially released yet, but many people are already using the public beta and developer preview versions. Emailchemy 14.2 can now read the Mail folders created when using the beta.

Our initial tests show that Emailchemy works fine with Mojave, but there are some extra steps to take in Mojave’s new Application Data Privacy settings before Emailchemy can read any files created by the Mail app:

  1. Go into System Preferences —> Security & Privacy —> Privacy tab
  2. Scroll down on left and select Application Data
  3. Click the “+” and add Emailchemy to the list of allowed apps

If you do not complete these steps, Emailchemy will not be able to read any of your Mail app files. We’ll be adding more help in Emailchemy to remind you about this before the official release of macOS Mojave.

Maildir Update

We also improved how Emailchemy converts maildir and maildir++ folders. The maildir formats keep track of read and unread message status by keeping the messages in separate folders called “cur” and “new”. These folders are “under the covers” details and not part of what you see in your email folders, so now you won’t see them in Emailchemy’s output either.

Windows 32-bit Support

Finally, we’ve been considering dropping the 32-bit Windows version of Emailchemy after this release. We will still of course continue to release Emailchemy for 64-bit Windows. Please let us know if this will be a problem for you.

Emailchemy 14.2 Improves OST Support
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