Convert Mojave Email

Emailchemy 14.3 has been tested and updated to run on macOS Mojave. The previous release could read files created by the Mail app on Mojave, but this version will convert Mojave email while running on Mojave. To convert Mojave email, though, macOS now requires you to manually give “Full Disk Access” permission to Emailchemy. If you don’t, then Emailchemy won’t be able to find any files to convert when converting from Apple Mail. Emailchemy will check for this permission now, and it will tell you if you need to take action.

Improved File Open/Save Dialogs on macOS

The open/save dialogs that Java provides on macOS are terrible and look nothing like the ones normally found in macOS. Because of this, Emailchemy has been using a 3rd party, open source component for its file open and save dialogs on macOS. The developer of this 3rd party component stopped working on it a few years back, and its compatibility with recent macOS versions has been problematic. We’ve created our own version of this component now, so we can modify it to it to make it work better with Emailchemy and recent versions of macOS. We’ve been able to fix several bugs that have been annoying Emailchemy users for a while.

And of course, some bug fixes

  • Emailchemy will now check if Apple Mail is running before starting a conversion of Apple Mail files. Emailchemy can not read your email files if Apple Mail already has them open for reading or writing. Previously, without this check, Emailchemy users were running their conversions and finding missing messages.
  • Fixed the “Duplicates Filtered” counter on the conversion progress window. It was showing the number of all filtered messages, not just duplicates. When setting filters, there isn’t an efficient way for Emailchemy to count filtered messages, because some filters will make Emailchemy skip entire email folders where the number of messages in the folder may be unknown.
  • Emailchemy will now check if it is already running. This prevents a licensing error that was happening when users of the USB dongle license keys were trying to launch multiple instances on a server.


Convert Mojave Email with Emailchemy 14.3
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