A New Mac for Christmas?

Christmas is coming and you just might get a new Mac Mini or iMac under your tree this year. Many people are upgrading their Macs this year because the latest macOS “Mojave” no longer supports Macs built before 2012. So, let’s say you do get that new Mac, and you finally get around to replacing that old iMac still running Snow Leopard, Microsoft Office 2008, and Entourage.

Surprise! Entourage Doesn’t Work!

After you move all your apps and data to your new Mac, you’ll find that Entourage will not run anymore. Also, the new Apple Mail that comes with Mojave does not import from Entourage, nor does the latest Outlook for Mac (Outlook 2019). You’ll have no way to get to your email anymore!

So what can you do?

Use Emailchemy to Migrate Entourage to Outlook

Fortunately, Emailchemy can help you migrate from Entourage to Outlook in minutes.

Even though Entourage will no longer run, your data will still be there in your Microsoft User Data folder. Emailchemy knows how to read this data directly, without you needing to run Entourage ever again.

To start, install Emailchemy and activate your license. Then, in Emailchemy, select “Entourage (Database)” from the drop down and click the Next button.

On the next screen, Emailchemy fills in the location of the Microsoft User Data folder for the current user, but you can select a different one for Emailchemy to convert. Advanced users can also select an individual identity folder.  Then click the Next button.

select your data folder or click Next

Next, you can set up a filter to include or exclude certain messages, or you can ignore the filters completely and just click the Convert button to convert everything Emailchemy finds in the Microsoft User Data folder.

define a filter or click convert to begin converting Entourage to Outlook OLM

Finally, you need to tell Emailchemy to save your converted email as an Outlook for Mac OLM file. Make sure you select “Outlook for Mac OLM file” from the dropdown at the bottom of the Save dialog. The default name is “converted_email”, but you can change that to anything you’d like. The “.olm” extension will be added automatically, so no need to enter that here. Click Save to begin the conversion.

select Outlook for Mac OLM from the dropdown

At this point, Emailchemy will start reading the Entourage files and writing the Outlook files. This could take some time, depending on how many email you have to migrate. Emailchemy can convert Entourage to many other formats too, including Apple Mail, Thunderbird, mbox, EML, and Outlook PST.

Importing the OLM into Outlook

Now you just need to go into Outlook, select Import from the File menu, select “Outlook for Mac Archive File” and then Continue where you select the OLM file you created with Emailchemy.

import OLM file into Outlook


Migrating Email from Entourage to Outlook 2019
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