“Off the hook”

Right now, there are 2 Emailchemy customers we cannot contact because of errors in their email accounts. This is like how back in the old days when people couldn’t call you if your phone’s handset was off the hook.

Customer A lives in Mexico and has a me.com account. We initially received an error message from their mail servers saying that their account is over quota and now we are getting errors that say their account does not exist.

Customer B lives in South Africa and is having trouble with our payment processor accepting his credit card. We keep getting messages indicating they aren’t seeing our responses.

When situations like this happen, we’ll try to find another way to contact you. For example, if we are able to contact you via SMS text message or find you on Twitter, we’ll try sending a message to you that way. This isn’t always an option though.

Sometimes people have an email firewall or “whitelist” system setup on their mail servers, where they can only receive messages from major email domains (like gmail.com). When this happens, we’ll try contacting you from our gmail account, but sometimes the whitelist is more restrictive and even that address is blocked.

If you don’t hear back from us, please check your junk mail folder, your email firewall settings, or check that you can receive email at the address you are sending from. Better yet, if the matter is really urgent, give us an alternate method of reaching you (a cell phone we can txt, a Skype ID, a Twitter handle, etc).


If you are not getting a reply from customer support…