What is ePADD?

ePADD is free and open source software developed by Stanford University’s Special Collections & University Archives that supports the appraisal, processing, preservation, discovery, and delivery of historical email archives. ePADD incorporates techniques from computer science and computational linguistics, including machine learning, natural language processing, and named entity recognition to help users access and search email collections of historical and cultural value.

What is Emailchemy for ePADD?

ePADD now includes some features of Emailchemy as an optional add-on, so that ePADD can now import many more email file formats than before. ePADD is free, but Emailchemy is not, so you will have to buy a license key from Weird Kid Software (us) to enable these features in ePADD.

How do I get Emailchemy for ePADD?

If you have the latest version of ePADD that includes the Emailchemy converters, you will need to purchase a license key from us, and then use the Emailchemy Dongle for ePADD Creator app (EDEC, for short) to create a license dongle. It sounds more complicated than it is; the license dongle is just the license key installed on a USB thumb/stick drive. Just make sure this license dongle is inserted into your computer when using ePADD. The license dongle is portable and can be shared across several computers (though only one at a time).

Download the Emailchemy Dongle for ePADD Creator (EDEC)

Version 1.1 released 08-Mar-2024:

  • Improved availability of online activation services
  • AppleSilicon version now available for macOS
  • Security updates
Platform Download File
macOS 10.11 and higher Disk Image [.dmg]

Disk Image [.dmg] (AppleSilicon only)

Windows (64-bit) Zipped Installer [.zip]
Linux Tar & Gzip’d Installer [.tgz]

Purchase a License Key

This license enables you to create a single license dongle, which you can use to enable Emailchemy’s converters in ePADD. To keep our costs low, we are only selling direct and not accepting purchase orders from resellers for these licenses.

Product License Terms & Limitations
Emailchemy for ePADD Standard Single instance using license dongle. Support and maintenance for 1 year.
$150.00 USD
Emailchemy for ePADD Renewal Extends the Standard license for another year.  Stay licensed to keep the Emailchemy converters working as new versions of ePADD are released.
$99.00 USD