Version 14.5

  • Support for macOS 13 “Ventura” Mail app
  • Fixed an issue where macOS version no longer recognized the license dongle
  • Fixed an issue with activation through proxy servers

Version 14.4.6

  • Support for macOS “Monterey” Mail changes released in macOS 12.3
  • Fixed issue where some converted Apple Mail accounts had generic names

Version 14.4.5

  • Fixed bug where PST output option did not appear on some Macs

Version 14.4.1

  • Fixed issue with license dongles created on Windows 10 with Emailchemy v14.4
  • IMPORTANT: before updating from 14.4 to 14.4.1, be aware dongles created with 14.4 on Windows 10 will not work with 14.4.1. Please contact WKS support to first have your license reset so you can create a new dongle. Dongles created on macOS or Linux are not affected.

Version 14.4

  • Full compatibility with macOS 11.0 “Big Sur”. Older versions may have issues with Forensic Edition dongles on Big Sur.
  • Mac version now requires macOS 10.11 “El Capitan” or higher. Do not upgrade if running an older version of macOS.

Version 14.3.18

  • Support for macOS 11.0 “Big Sur” Mail folders
  • Mac version now requires macOS 10.11 “El Capitan” or higher. Do not upgrade if running an older version of Mac OS.
  • Signing Windows app with new certificate. Windows SmartScreen may mark install as potentially unsafe until reputation increases

Version 14.3.15

  • Updates to Outlook PST file writer
  • Fixed bad URL for download of new version in Windows and Linux versions

Version 14.3.14

  • Fixed issue with converting MSG files that were created by forensic tool export
  • Updates to Outlook PST file writer

Version 14.3.12

  • Full compatibility with macOS Catalina mail archives
  • Now scanned by Apple for malware (“notarized” by Apple) to support running on macOS Catalina
  • Fixed bug where some Apple Mail attachments were not being attached correctly
  • Updates to Outlook PST file writer

Version 14.3.9

  • Bug fixes and improvements for the Thunderbird converter, Outlook MSG converter, and Outlook PST writer.

Version 14.3.7

  • Outlook MSG converter now converts calendar invitations when Extract All Message Types is set in Emailchemy’s Outlook preferences.

Version 14.3.6

  • Fixed issue that prevented some Outlook OST file conversions from completing

Version 14.3.4

  • Fixed issue where file selection dialog was unable to select an RGE file
  • Fixed issue with some messages in OLM files having incorrect time zone in Date header

Version 14.3.3

  • Fixed an issue with USB dongle detection failing that sometimes prevented app from starting
  • Google Takeout wizard now accepts any folder of mbox files downloaded from Google Takout instead of just the “Takeout” folder
  • Fixed issue where converter sometimes created an extra empty folder in the output
  • Bug fixes for command-line interface (CLI)

Version 14.3.1

  • Support for converting Outlook Mac 2019
  • Improvements to the Outlook PST file writer

Version 14.3

  • Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Improved macOS file open/save dialogs
  • Fixed bug where progress panel was counting all filtered emails as filtered duplicates
  • Now checks if Apple Mail is running before starting conversion

Version 14.2.1

  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect dates on some “sent” messages when converting Outlook for Mac 2015/2016 email

Version 14.2

  • Full support for converting Outlook OST files
  • Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave beta Mail folders
  • Maildir converter now combines tmp, new, and cur subfolders

Version 14.1.1

  • Fixed issue with Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail converters not finding all messages
  • Mbox conversion wizard now accepts an individual mbox file in addition to folders of mbox files
  • Fixed issues with Linux version installer and launcher

Version 14.1

  • Notification of privacy policy and practices to support the EU’s GDPR
  • Automatic checking for software updates
  • Fixed issue with Open/Save dialogs on macOS High Sierra
  • Fixed issues with Linux version installer and launcher

Version 14.0.9

  • Fixed bug in Outlook OLM conversion that resulted in some HTML-formatted messages displaying as plain text
  • Fixed bug in Outlook MSG conversion that mishandled Russian Cyrillic text

Version 14.0.6

  • License dongle creation now recognizes and rejects bulk USB thumb drives without hardware serial numbers

Version 14.0.4

  • Fixed bug that caused corruption of text when converting messages with Russian Cyrillic characters to PST format
  • EML converter now recognizes and ignores Byte Order Mark bytes inserted by Windows text editors into EML files

Version 14.0.2

  • Fixed bug that warned conversion had stalled while writing PST file

Version 14.0

  • Convert direct to Outlook PST format
  • New Thunderbird converter adds support for IMAP accounts and maildir storage
  • Convert Google Takeout files
  • Easier IMAP-based importing
  • Faster conversion filters
  • Improvements to Apple Mail converter and CSV output
  • Address Harvester output now compatible with Google Contacts
  • Option to normalize timestamps to UTC

Version 13.3

  • macOS High Sierra support
  • New “dongle” option for professional licenses
  • Bug fix: Entourage Cache converter: library conflict introduced in last version prevented this converter from working on some installations
  • Bug fix: Outlook MSG converter: fixed an issue that made some messages display as empty when viewed in an email app
  • Bug fix: Outlook PST converter: fixed an issue where some messages were being skipped in PST files created by an other email export tool

Version 13.2.11

  • Fixes a problem with the file open & save dialogs on the Mac

Version 13.2.10

  • Modifications to the embedded IMAP server and SMTP server to maintain compatibility with latest Outlook 2016 updates.

Version 13.2.9

  • Fixed issue where AOL converter crashed when converting files with corrupt image tags

Version 13.2.7

  • Fixed issue with blank messages in Outlook 2016 Mac after import from IMAP server

Version 13.2.6

  • Fixed an issue with Eudora Mac converter re-attaching wrong attachments in certain situations
  • Updated the CLI examples and documentation to include Outlook for Mac input types

Version 13.2.3

  • Fixed an issue with Apple Mail converter where some attachments were missing in messages from IMAP accounts
  • Fixed an issue where converters were running very slow on systems with misconfigured DNS

Version 13.2

  • Support for Apple Mail V4 folders found in macOS 10.12 “Sierra”
  • IMAP server compatibility with Apple Mail in macOS 10.12 “Sierra”
  • IMAP server folders are no longer read-only, to address a bug in Outlook where downloaded folders were retaining read-only status

Version 13.1.8

  • Fixed bug that caused Outlook for Mac converter to crash in certain situations
  • Fixed timer bug that made Emailchemy think converter had crashed when filtering on very large archives

Version 13.1.6

  • Fixed crash in Entourage RGE converter
  • Fixed bug in Advanced Converion tool not converting olk15msgsource files

Version 13.1.4

  • Fixed bad character encoding bug in sent messages imported from Entourage into Outlook 2015
  • Fixed issue with MSG file converter missing very large HTML message bodies
  • Fixed issue with OLM writer stalling when converting very large email archives

Version 13.1

  • Outlook OLM file output for easier importing into Outlook for Mac
  • Bug fixes and general stability improvements

Version 13.0.4

  • Performance improvements for IMAP server
  • Multiple minor bug fixes for Eudora Mac converter
  • Multiple minor bug fixes for Outlook PST converter

Version 13.0.3

  • Minor enhancements for AOL for Windows converter
  • Fixed Outlook MSG converter bug that caused it to skip some attachments in MSG files created by a specific archiving tool.

Version 13.0.2

  • AOL for Windows converter now works with files from earlier versions of AOL
  • Minor performance improvements for IMAP server
  • Fixed bug in Entourage Cache converter not creating system-independent folder names

Version 13.0.1

  • Fixed bug in AOL for Windows converter that incorrectly converted some dates in PFC files from AOL 3.0 or earlier
  • Fixed bug in Outlook MSG converter introduced in v13 release that caused converter to crash on some messages

Version 13.0:

  • New Converters:
    • AOL for Mac (v3 and newer)
    • AOL Desktop for Mac
    • Apple Mail v9 (El Capitan)
    • CompuServe v3-4 for Windows
    • Outlook 2015/2016 for Mac
  • Powerful new message filtering capability
  • Bug fixes for Outlook OLM & Outlook MSG converters


Version 12.1.16:

  • Fixed bug in AOL for Windows and CompuServe for Windows converters that prevented complete conversions of Personal Filing Cabinet files.

Version 12.1.15:

  • Fixed bug in Outlook Mac 2011 converter that caused some conversions to fail before completion

Version 12.1.14:

  • Fixed bug in Apple Mail converter that prevented some attachments from being converted
  • Fixed bug that prevented some Windows users from activating their license key

Version 12.1.13:

  • Entourage converter now works with more corrupt Database files
  • Java runtime updated
  • Removed Google Apps Uploader (see for details)

Version 12.1.12:

  • AOL for Windows converter now fixes bad MIME encoding headers that resulted in garbled messages

Version 12.1.11:

  • Outlook for Mac converter now sets creation date on draft messages

Version 12.1.10:

  • Fixed bug with Eudora mishandling international characters
  • Added header row to CSV output

Version 12.1.9:

  • Fixed Outlook 2011 for Mac bug with international characters
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Version 12.1.8:

  • Fixed Tools menu GUI navigation bug
  • Fixed bug in Entourage converter that was merging IMAP account folders
  • Fixed bug in Entourage converter that was failing on messages with unicode header fields

Version 12.1.4:

  • Compuserve for Mac (MacCIM) converter now handling international characters correctly
  • Updated bundled Java Runtime Environment to 1.7.0_55

Version 12.1.3:

  • Setting MacOS filetype and creator codes on mbox files so Outlook 2011 can open them

Version 12.1.2:

  • Bug fix: restored merge mbox files feature

Version 12.1.1:

  • Updated Java Runtime
  • Fixed bug preventing demo of Google Apps Uploader

Verstion 12.1:

  • Fixed bug that caused some incorrect Outlook Mac 2011 folder names
  • Fixed bug that prevented using the Advanced Converter with .olk14Message files
  • Fixed bug with Google Apps Uploader using deduplication feature

Version 12.0:

  • Full native support of Outlook for Mac 2011 databases
  • De-duplication of messages
  • IMAP import compatible with Outlook 2013
  • Bundled Java runtimes in Mac and Windows versions
  • “Headers only” output option
  • User interface improvements
  • Bug fixes


Version 11.3.5:

  • Fixed a bug in the IMAP server that was causing problems with MailMate
  • Support for Java 7 on MacOSX
  • Boosted memory usage limit so that Emailchemy MemoryBoost should no longer be needed

Version 11.3.4:

  • Fixed a resource limit issue in the IMAP server.
  • Gmail uploader now creating all intermediate subfolders with the “full path” auto-label setting.

Version 11.3.3:

  • Fixed a crash in the Google Apps Uploader.

Version 11.3.2:

  • Outlook PST converter option to extract inter-process records along with messages
  • Outlook OLM converter now extracts digitally signed messages
  • Fixed rare crash when converting French Eudora files
  • Fixed bug in EML output filename template

Version 11.3:

  • Google Apps Upload logging
  • Preserves Apple Mail status flags on import and export
  • Improved Eudora status flag preservation and TOC processing
  • MSG converter now compatible with Symantec Enterprise Vault files
  • Fixed bug in Maildir++ output folder hierarchy
  • Fixed crash on UTF-7 header fields

Version 11.2.2:

  • Mac app now signed with Apple’s Developer ID (for Mountain Lion Gatekeeper compatibility)
  • New option to create EML files with obfuscated filenames (professional versions only)
  • Apple Mail conversion wizard will now accept any .mbox folder
  • Fixed crash in Mac Outlook OLM file converter when writing to folders with special characters in name
  • Fixed a bug with Eudora converter not including attachments in forwarded received messages
  • Fixed a bug where Google Apps Uploader wasn’t overwriting senders in folders named “Sent Messages”

Version 11.2.1:

  • Excludes RSS feeds from Apple Mail conversions
  • Fixed registration issue on Solaris 11
  • Improved IMAP server performance
  • Improved compatibility of IMAP server with Outlook 2010 for Windows

Version 11.2:

  • Better handling of AOL HTML content
  • Entourage converter now includes and identifies both original and user-edited subjects
  • Fixed blank attachment names from PST files
  • Improved handling of corrupt Claris Emailer 2 databases
  • New option for manually deleting the Google Apps Uploader history file

Version 11.1.2:

  • Restored compatibility with PowerPC Macs (“universal binary”)
  • Fixed max filename size constraint to apply for all character sets
  • Fixed bug in Outlook Express 4 converter that was leaving slashes in filenames

Version 11.1:

  • Apple Mail 5 (Mail app in Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion”) converter
  • IMAP server now compatible with Apple Mail 5 (Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion”)
  • Apple Mail conversion wizard now parses corrupted mailbox folder structures

Version 11.0:

  • Outlook 2011 for Mac .OLM file converter
  • Outlook 2011 for Mac .XML file converter
  • [Professional editions] “nohistory” and custom label features added to Google Apps Uploader CLI
  • Bug fixed: [Professional editions] CLI “batch” mode incorrectly filtering Apple Mail files

Version 10.1.7:

  • Bugs fixed:
    • Not able to import some messages from Claris Emailer 1.x into Apple Mail
    • Translate Exchange-style addresses to Internet-style feature producing some non-RFC-compliant domains
    • Messages from Outlook PST conversions not showing email address correctly in some email apps

Version 10.1.6:

  • Fixed a bug preventing some users from activating the full version
  • Corrected some typos in the wizard descriptions
  • Minor changes to installers

Version 10.1.5:

  • Fixed an Entourage bug introduced in 10.1.4 that truncated attachments with corrupt names

Version 10.1.4:

  • Fixed issue with Outlook PST converter truncating long (>127) recipient lists
  • Fixed registration bug for names with apostrophes (i.e. O’Connor)
  • [Professional editions] “batch” mode added to CLI
  • [Professional editions] New Outlook PST option to extract all IPM subtypes

Version 10.1:

  • Improved IMAP server performance – faster imports
  • New Gmail Uploader feature to fixes Gmail’s Sent folder for uploaded mail
  • New option for better handling of international characters in folder names

Version 10.0:

  • New converters!
    • CompuServe for Windows (WinCIM)
    • Outlook .msg files
    • Outlook for Mac 8.x & 2001 (not 2011)
    • Outspring
    • Windows Live Mail
    • Windows Mail

Version 9.9.2:

  • Entourage Recovery converter now works with Entourage X (version 10.0)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented conversion of AOL downloaded attachments
  • Fixed a bug that in the Mac OS X Mail format writer that didn’t format some email addresses correctly

Version 9.9:

  • Support for Mail 4.0, included with Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”
  • AOL for Windows converter now preserves attachments
  • Entourage Cache converter now preserves attachments
  • Improvements to conversion log feature
  • Optional checksums calculated before and after reading each file
  • Bug fixes for the GUI and the following converters:
    • Outlook PST
    • Entourage Database
    • Mac OS X Mail
    • QuickMail Pro
    • Eudora

Version 9.8:

  • New and improved Eudora converter with better handling of HTML fomatting and embedded content
  • Entourage cache file converter (for .vRgeMessage and .vRge08Message files)
  • New option to write log of IMAP ImportServer sessions (CLI only)
  • General API for embedded use (embedded licensing required)

Version 9.7

  • Command-line interfaces (CLI’s) for Emailchemy, IMAP Importserver and Google Apps Uploader (pro versions only)
  • Export/Import conversion settings in the Preferences window (pro versions only)
  • Quickmail Pro reader now preserves status flags (read, flagged, importance)
  • IMAP ImportServer now compatible with JavaMail applications
  • New option to set Eudora reader charset to UTF-8 for handling non-standard installations
  • New option to ignore folder heirarchy in source data
  • Outlook PST converter improvements
  • GUI improvements

Version 9.6

  • New Google Apps Uploader tool uploads converted email to a Google Apps email account and features resumable uploads and automatic labeling of messages
  • Support for Entourage 2008
  • Support for Mac OS X Mail 3.x
  • Support for Outlook 2007
  • Outlook PST converter option to preserve or translate Exchange-style email addresses to SMTP format
  • Eudora converter option to ignore .toc (table of contents) files during conversion

Version 9.5

  • Claris Emailer 1.x converter now pulls additional header data from Mac resource forks
  • RFC2822 Message Folders wizard no longer hangs on non-message files
  • Maildir++ output bug fixed: no more nested folders
  • IMAPdir maildir variant now an output option

Version 9.4

  • RFC-2822 output now compatible with JavaMail
  • Outlook PST converter now repairs inconsistent MIME structures found in PST files
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Entourage now importing RGE files created on Windows computers
    • MIME boundaries now guaranteed unique
    • Outlook PST converter no longer base-64 encodes text or html attachments

Version 9.3

  • Compatibility improvements for the Outlook PST converter
  • Improved international character support in email header fields
    • RFC-2822 header fields are now “ISO-encoded” when necessary

Version 9.2

  • New option to specify Windows system charset for older PST files
  • Removed embedded IMAP server’s localhost restriction in Forensic Edition
  • Restored embedded IMAP server’s compatibility with Entourage 2004
  • Fixed “jumpy” progress bar seen with some conversions

Version 9.1

  • Increased heap size (memory allocation) for better performance with huge Outlook PST files (e.g. 100,000+ messages)
  • Fixed issue that caused Emailchemy to get stuck when converting some Outlook PST files

Version 9.0

  • Outlook PST converter
  • Detailed conversion trace information in Forensic Edition