Are there any file size or message count limits?

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If Emailchemy isn’t converting all your messages, here are some things to check:

  • Your email app should not be running while you are running Emailchemy.
  • Make sure you’ve pointed Emailchemy to the correct location of your email files.
  • Make sure you’ve selected the email format in Emailchemy that correctly matches the type of email files you have.

If you are working with extremely large email files, then you may have to increase the amount of memory that Emailchemy uses. You can do this by editing the vmoptions file.

On macOS, this file is called vmoptions.txt and is located inside the file. To see it, right-click on the file, then select “Show package contents”.

On Windows, this file is called Emailchemy.vmoptions and is located inside the Emailchemy install folder.

Once you have found your vmoptions file:

  1. Open the vmoptions file in a text editor of your choice (Notepad, TextEdit, Sublime Text, etc.)
  2. Add this line at the bottom: -Xmx2048m
  3. Save the vmoptions file
  4. Restart Emailchemy

If that’s not enough memory, try changing the -Xmx… line in the file to -Xmx4096m.

Are there any file size or message count limits?