How do I register/activate Emailchemy?

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After you purchase a license you will receive an alphanumeric key in an email from us. You need to unlock Emailchemy with a key. You must be connected to the internet to activate the Personal Edition or a Forensic Edition USB Dongle. The Registration window opens automatically the first time you start Emailchemy. To access it manually, select Register/Activate from Emailchemy’s Help menu.

Enter the name and key exactly as found in the email you received from us; use copy & paste to avoid making typos. If you make a mistake entering the registration key Emailchemy will tell you the key is not valid and ask you to enter it again.

After clicking Register, Emailchemy will submit your name, license key, and a unique number that identifies your computer over the internet to a secure database located at Weird Kid Software. This helps us ensure the authenticity of the key.

If you don’t want to unlock Emailchemy, click the Demo button in the Registration window to continue using the Emailchemy demo, which will mask the subject and sender headers. Once you purchase a license you will have to delete the files you converted using the demo version and rerun the conversion, so save your original files.

How do I register/activate Emailchemy?