Installing Emailchemy on Linux

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Emailchemy for Linux requires Oracle Java (OpenJDK) 1.8 or higher. It will not run correctly with Gnu Java (GCJ).

Download Emailchemy for Linux

Emailchemy for Linux is distributed as a tarred gzip (.tgz). Unzip it with the command

tar -xzvf Emailchemy-UNIX.tgz

(Historical note: “UNIX” is in the name instead of “Linux” because Emailchemy dates back to 1999, when there were arguably more UNIX-based systems in business than Linux-based systems. We just haven’t changed the name to avoid breaking download links.)

Then run the script and accept the defaults when asked where to install the software.

Emailchemy is tested to run on Ubuntu-based distributions, but it should work on many other Linux distros too.


Installing Emailchemy on Linux