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Which edition of Emailchemy do I need?

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Emailchemy has five editions, each of which has features specific to a particular use. Each edition has distinct licensing options to best suit your needs. All Emailchemy licenses are cross-platform licenses that work on Mac, Windows, and Linux. All Emailchemy licenses come with one-year email-based support and upgrades.

Emailchemy Personal Edition is for personal, non-commercial, non-organizational, non-professional use. It is for people to convert their own email for their own use. The license is assigned to a person and it is not licensed for any for-profit use. There are two different Personal Edition licenses: Individual and Household.

  • Individual: to convert (or for use with) one person’s email
  • Household: for single family household use. (i.e. your email and your spouse’s, your kids’, your dog’s…)

The Personal Edition will allow you to install Emailchemy on up to five computers.

Emailchemy Forensic Edition is a professional edition for forensic, eDiscovery or archival use by a single technician. It is not for migrations between email applications. The Forensic Edition provides additional capabilities beyond the Personal Edition, allowing you to prepare materials suitable for inclusion in a legal case or library archive. By default, this license is provisioned as a USB dongle to support usage across an unlimited number of systems. Other license mechanisms are available for large organizational use.

Emailchemy Migration Edition is a professional edition for email migration projects in your organization and is sized/priced per the number of email accounts to be migrated. A Site License option is also available for general help-desk use at your organization too. Contact Weird Kid Software sales for a quote.

Emailchemy Command-line (“CLI”) Edition is a scriptable command-line version of the Emailchemy email format conversion tools, available as an add-on for professional editions and licenses.

Emailchemy Embedded/API Edition is a Java API version of the Emailchemy conversion tools. Licensing options are available for internal and external (for profit) use.


Which edition of Emailchemy do I need?