What is the Forensic Edition?

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The Forensic Edition is meant for those doing forensic, investigative, eDiscovery, or data recovery work. The Forensic Edition is licensed per user, not per machine, so a licensed investigator can use the Forensic Edition license on multiple computers.

The Personal Edition inserts the header “X-Converted-By: Emailchemy, Licensed to <name>” into every email processed. These inserted headers often make the messages unusable for case-building or public archival, so the Forensic Edition lets you exclude them.

Forensic Edition differences from the Personal Edition are:

  • Legal permission to use Emailchemy beyond limitations of Personal Edition license
  • Dongle-based license keys to make working across several computers faster, easier
  • More complete conversion logging in standard syslog format
  • MD5 checksums of source files before and after conversion to prove source data was not changed
  • Preserve original date strings — i.e. turn off normalization of dates (recommended only for visual inspection, since “raw” dates are often not reformatted to RFC specifications)
  • Turn off X-Converted-By header field that is inserted in every email by the Personal Edition
  • Detailed trace information can be added to X-Converted-By header field, showing details of conversion (date of conversion, original file name, file format, logged in user and workstation)
  • Export and save conversion settings to a file (and import from these files)
  • Embedded IMAP server allows connections from anywhere for easy data access
  • Turn off strict RFC-2822 parsing for better handling of data extracted using other forensic and data recovery tools
  • Extract all IPM objects from Outlook PST files
  • Extract partially-downloaded message fragments from Outlook Mac
What is the Forensic Edition?