Emailchemy exports your email and prepares it for import.

Move your email to new email, archival, or forensic applications.

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14 major versions released since 2002 and billions of emails converted


Used in official government and university archival systems around the world


Convert email from Mac, Windows or Linux on Mac, Windows or Linux



Emailchemy helps solve the problems of email migration, archival, forensics and recovery. The basic idea is to take all the various proprietary and legacy formats and convert them to a standard, durable, plain-text formats based on the open standard Internet Message Format (RFC-5322). This conversion to a common standard message format...

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What our Customers say

I have been fighting with Microsoft for months about a bug in Outlook for Mac which causes attachments to disappear when importing from a .pst file. After several updates failed to fix the problem, I finally decided to go with a third-party solution.I'm glad to say that half an hour after installing Emailchemy, I had my 1.5 Gb .pst with 10,000 messages and countless attachments all imported successfully. Best $30 I've spent in a long time – I should have done it months ago! :-)

Brian Collins Australia

So glad I found your tool!I'm a programmer who's not normally shy about rolling my own solutions for one-time jobs like converting an old Outlook Express database to MBox. But trying to dig up specs for the OE format isn't easy, and neither is workout out the implementation details.Then I found your tool - what a godsend! Saved me many hours of tedious toil, at an outstandingly low price.

Richard Gaskin Fourth World Media

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