Emailchemy helps solve the problems of email migration, archival, forensics and recovery. The basic idea is to take all the various proprietary and legacy formats and convert them to a standard, durable, plain-text formats based on the open standard Internet Message Format (RFC-5322). This conversion to a common standard message format is the key first step for email migration, email archival, email forensics, and even email data recovery.

Email Migration

Whether you need to migrate email of 10,000 employee accounts to a new enterprise email solution or convert your own personal email folders to a new PC, let Emailchemy help make the job easier and more accurate.

In addition to converting to the standard format, Emailchemy can convert to common mailbox formats that use the standard message format: mbox, maildir, and maildir++.

Most email programs can import these standard email and mailbox formats or use them directly. For those that cannot, the standard format email files can be loaded into an IMAP or POP email server and downloaded into the new email program. The IMAP ImportServer tool is a simple desktop mail server that is included with Emailchemy.  The POP ImportServer is available separately.

Email Archival

Preserving your email for posterity can be difficult when your email software writes your email in proprietary, unreadable files. Emailchemy can help you convert your email to a readable, durable format for archival or even prepare your email for entry into the database of your choice.

If you need to preserve email messages and the information they contain as a historical business, public or personal record, you need to store email in a standard, durable format. Storing email in proprietary email application formats leaves you at risk of not being able to access the information in your email in the future. The risks of change leaving your email behind are 3-fold:

Storage Formats Change: Your email application will change every year, and eventually the format it stores your email in will change too. There is no guarantee that your email written by version 5.0 of any email application will be readable by version 9.0.

Software Support Ends: Your email application will someday be “end-of-life’d” and discontinued, because product strategies change and companies go out of business. There is no guarantee that another application will be able to open and read your email files when this happens.

Computers and Operating Systems Age: Someday you will no longer have the specific combinations of computer hardware and software to access email data files stored in proprietary formats from email products that have long since faded from the technology landscape.

Emailchemy enables the long-term preservation and archival of the information in your email by converting all your proprietary email files to:

  • EML message files, or
  • Standard container formats of RFC-5322 messages such as mbox, maildir, and maildir++, or
  • CSV files to enable the storage of email in database systems.

Email Forensics

Speed up your investigation or case-building process by analyzing email content in the tool of your choice, rather than squinting at endless rows of seemingly unrelated bytes in a hex editor. Emailchemy solves the problem of forensic tool data preparation by converting email data into a standard format that any forensic tool can import for analysis.

Email Recovery

Damaged or corrupt email files are often unreadable by standard means, and when these files contain critical business messages or attachments, data loss is not an option. The experts at Weird Kid Software can help by performing targeted or complete recovery.