Emailchemy 10.1 Released

Emailchemy 10.1 was released with these changes: Improved IMAP server performance – faster imports New Google Apps Uploader feature to fixes Gmail’s Sent folder for uploaded mail New option for better handling of international characters in folder names The new Google Apps Uploader feature requires a bit of an explanation.

Emailchemy 9.8.8 released

Emailchemy 9.8.8 is now available on the website. This maintenance release includes: Improved Entourage Recovery converter recovers more deleted messages Entourage converter now extracts meeting accepted/rejected response messages Fixed Google Apps Uploader’s handling of messages with quoted-printable and base64-encoded text bodies

Google Apps Uploader Walk-through

Here’s a walkthrough I recently sent to a customer who had questions about how the Google Apps Uploader works. I’m posting it here for future reference. 1) Using either the “Conversion Wizard” or “Advanced Conversion” tool in Emailchemy’s toolbox, convert your mail to Standard mbox Format, giving it a name