bad-google-resultsGoogle is shutting down the interfaces that Emailchemy uses to upload email messages into Google Apps accounts. Emailchemy’s Google Apps Uploader tool will now display a warning message every time it launches, and the feature will be removed completely in an update after April 15. We apologize for this inconvenience, and we’re trying to do the right thing by letting people know ahead of time and removing all references to this feature on our web site so that people no longer buy Emailchemy hoping to upload their messages to Google Apps.

For those customers who bought Emailchemy to do a Google Apps migration, you have about 75 days left to get your migration completed. Let us know if you need help completing your migration before the April 15 cutoff.

We started the Google Apps Uploader, believe it or not, because Google asked us to. At the time, they didn’t have their own tools for this and they asked us to build something that they could offer their Google Apps customers. After we built it, they asked us to give it away for free, and we said, “No, we like to eat”. So we all agreed that we’d sell it as part of Emailchemy and they would put us in their Marketplace and the rest is history.

Google now has their own uploader tools for Windows and Mac, so we’ve decided to not update our tool to use the new Google Apps interfaces. The amount of work to switch to the new interfaces is significant, and new security measures would require the domain admins to do some very complicated configurations to allow our tools to work at all.

Instead, we’re focusing on converters for more email formats and building some really useful filtering capabilities for Emailchemy 13.0.

Google Apps Uploader Will Stop Working on April 15, 2015
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