Importing Mail into Outlook

We get a lot of questions from people asking how to move their mail into Outlook. I understand this can be a bit confusing, since Emailchemy does not write PST files, and Outlook can’t really import anything (though strangely, it does import from Netscape 4 and Eudora 3.2?). Emailchemy can

User Feedback: Emailchemy

From: Michael Aumeerally To: Subject: emailchemy Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 11:39:33 +0000 Hi there! I just bought emailchemy from you a week ago, and it is a godsend! I had over 5,000 messages on my Windows PC that I wanted to take over to Mac OS X Mail.

User Feedback: Great Software

From: To: Subject: Great Software Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008 15:06:41 +0100 I was fighting with my work email (outlook) and my personal computer (mac) since one year. I tried all the different solutions that forums provide (use thunderbird, export, import) and I waste a lot of time;