Subject: Great Software
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008 15:06:41 +0100

I was fighting with my work email (outlook) and my personal computer (mac) since one year.

I tried all the different solutions that forums provide (use thunderbird, export, import) and I waste a lot of time; I tried O2M but it was painful: it took a lot of time and half the time was wasted, because anytime something happened: a problem with windows, lost attachments, and so on.

Finally I reach your website and after an enthusiastic demo experience (just 10 minute to convert a 2.5 gb .pst file) I bought the full version and in 15 minutes I solved all the issues.

I just believe your software is really great and solve terrificly any issues of mail conversion.

(I was looking through a lot of websites and forum before I get into a message talking of you: why you are not so known?)

thank you!
Andrea Gino

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