We get a lot of questions from people asking how to move their mail into Outlook. I understand this can be a bit confusing, since Emailchemy does not write PST files, and Outlook can’t really import anything (though strangely, it does import from Netscape 4 and Eudora 3.2?).

Emailchemy can help you move your mail into Outlook, but you have to use the IMAP ImportServer tool (in Emailchemy) to do it. Here’s how:

1) Using Emailchemy’s conversion wizard, convert your old email files to the IMAP ImportServer format.

2) Launch Emailchemy’s IMAP ImportServer tool, select the folder you saved the mail to in step 1, and click “Start Server”.

3) In Outlook, create a new IMAP email account with the server, username, and password that the IMAP ImportServer tells you to use. Here is a link to a web site that has a walkthrough for creating an IMAP email account in Outlook.

4) In Outlook, (either automatically or after clicking “Send/Receive”), you will see a folder on the localhost IMAP server (the IMAP ImportServer). This folder will have all your converted mail in it. Drag this folder to a local folder in your Outlook browser, or use Outlook’s “Export to File” feature to write the contents of the hosted folder directly to a PST file.

As for “where” you do each step, you have to be running the IMAP server on the same machine as Outlook (security restriction), and it’s usually best to do the actual conversion of email on the target platform. So, if you are moving from a Mac, I would copy your entire mail folder from your Mac over to the Windows PC and run Emailchemy there for the conversion and the import.

Importing Mail into Outlook
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