Emailchemy 9.8.8 is now available on the website. This maintenance release includes:

  • Improved Entourage Recovery converter recovers more deleted messages
  • Entourage converter now extracts meeting accepted/rejected response messages
  • Fixed Google Apps Uploader’s handling of messages with quoted-printable and base64-encoded text bodies

The Entourage Recovery converter is only available in the Advanced Conversion tool, and it is intended for when you need to recover deleted messages from an Entourage Database. Now the recovery converter is able to recover more deleted messages than before. This update also changes the recovery converter so that it will only extract the recovered messages — it will skip messages that can be recovered by the standard Entourage converter.

The Entourage converter now extracts the meeting confirmation messages that Entourage sends to the meeting organizer when you accept or reject a meeting invitation. These messages are usually blank, but the converter now attaches the original meeting notice as an iCalendar (.ics) file for traceability.

The Google Apps Uploader now correctly handles messages with text bodies that use alternative Content-Transfer-Encodings. In a few rare cases, the messages were not rendered correctly by the Gmail interface after upload, and this updates now compensates.

Emailchemy 9.8.8 released
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