How do I convert a specific email folder?

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By default, Emailchemy will convert all the email in the chosen email database, but sometimes you may only want to convert a specific folder of email from that database.  The solution is to use Emailchemy’s conversion filters.

In Emailchemy’s Conversion Wizard, after selecting the database (which could be a file or a folder, depending on the format) of messages to convert, Emailchemy will show you the filter setup screen:

To setup some filter rules, start by checking the box next to “Convert only the message that match…”. For now, leave the selection in this line to ALL.

This screen works a lot like the Filters or Rules screens you may find in most modern email applications, but instead of setting up a rule to route a message to a certain folder, you are creating rules to tell Emailchemy whether or not to convert a message.

Creating a Simple Folder Filter

To limit the conversion to a specific folder, you create a rule like this:

  1. select “Folder Name” from the first dropdown — the field to be filters
  2. select “is equal to” from the second dropdown — the comparison operation for this rule
  3. enter the name of the folder in the space — the value the rule will compare against

With this rule, Emailchemy will convert only email found in a folder called “Important Stuff”, and it will include mail found in any subfolder of a folder called “Important Stuff”.

At this point, if that’s all you need, you can click the Convert button and then select your output format and then you’re done.

More Complex Filtering

Or, you could add rules or change the to do more complex filtering.  Here are a couple more examples:

Example A: You only want email found in a certain folder, received in the past year, and sent from people who work at United Dog Parks, Inc.

Example B: You want to convert only messages that you’ve sent. These messages are typically found in folders names “Sent”, “Sent Items”, “Out”, “Outbox”, or “Outgoing Mail”.  So the first thing you need to do is change the rule grouping from ALL to ANY. Then, using the “starts with” comparison operator, you can catch all these folders with two rules as shown below.

How do I convert a specific email folder?