Version 9.8.1 is a maintenance update with a few bug fixes and one new feature. It’s a free update to all who have access to any 9.x release of Emailchemy. If you are converting Outlook, Claris Emailer 1.x, or Entourage cache files, then you should install this update.

The new feature is for setting a default sender for Claris Emailer 1.x sent messages that don’t have a sender recorded. Claris Emailer assumed that the email was sent from you, the user of Claris Emailer, so it didn’t (or doesn’t, if there’s anyone still using it) bother to record that bit of information. Having a default sender is a convenience, if anything, so that when you view these messages in another email app, you no longer have to guess who sent them.

Bugs fixed:

  • Outlook PST HTML message bodies that define alternate charsets now being transcoded correctly
  • Outlook PST attachment file names now being converted to UTF-8 for better handling of international characters
  • AOL for Windows wizard no longer case sensitive when searching for PFC files
  • Entourage cache files from all versions of Entourage now supported. There were some files from the very earliest Entourage version that were not being picked up.
Emailchemy 9.8.1 released
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