Version 9.8.2 is a maintenance update that includes an improved Entourage converter and a few bug fixes. It’s a free update to all who have access to any 9.x release of Emailchemy. If you are converting Entourage or Outlook PST files, then you should install this update.

The new Entourage converter has increased throughput (i.e. “it’s faster”) because it now keeps the entire database index in memory. This reduces the amount of jumping around the file, and it doesn’t increase the memory requirements significantly because all Entourage database files have known maximum number of items they can hold.

Also, and perhaps more importantly, the new Entourage converter extracts more data. It preserves all message flags (e.g. read/unread, priority, replied-to, forwarded, flagged) and sent attachments now too. Previous versions only preserved received attachments.

The Outlook PST converter was also modified to be a bit more resilient to corrupted PST files. Still, it’s always a good idea to make sure your PST file still works in Outlook before trying to run it through Emailchemy. See our previous post on working with corrupt PST files for more details.

Emailchemy 9.8.2 released
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