software-updateWe posted a small update just before the end of 2014 to fix how Emailchemy was handling draft messages found in Outlook for Mac files. Now, the creation date is put in the RFC Date header in the output instead of the current date.

Drafts technically do not have a sent or received date, because they were neither sent nor received, but the RFC standard only has one Date header — and this Date header is intended to represent the Sent date.

So, when you view one of these Draft messages in your new email app, you will see either a Sent date that is actually the creation date of the message, or, you will see a Received date that is the date of import into the new email app. If you see the date of import, you are looking at what your email app thinks is the received date, but, as you know if you’ve read our blog in the past, there is no such thing as a read or received date in email. We recommend changing the view settings in your email app to show the Sent date instead of the Received date to clear up this confusion.