Emailchemy 9.8.6 is now available on the website. This maintenance release includes:

  • Performance improvements for Google Apps Uploader
  • Configurable number of automatic retries in Google Apps Uploader command line interface
  • Claris Emailer 2.0 converter now preserves international characters

The performance improvements in the Google Apps Uploader are around the handling of messages that exceed the maximum allowed size on Gmail (20MB). These messages are rejected by Google Apps after being uploaded and the Google service sends the entire rejected message back in the rejection response — causing a needless delay in the upload process. So now Emailchemy’s Google Apps Uploader will detect the large message prior to the upload. The Uploader will also stop loading the message into memory once the maximum size is reached, so you should see some memory usage improvements too.

The CLI for the Google Apps Uploader was modified to allow you to specify a maximum number of automatic retries before reporting a failed message upload. The retries use a truncated exponential backoff delay combined with subsequent random ranged backoff. The net effect is you’ll see a wait period somewhere between 29 to 159 seconds between any 2 upload attempts of a single message. This helps prevent unnecessary network congestion during large bulk uploads.

Finally, the Claris Emailer 2.0 converter’s handling of international characters is much improved. Previous versions required the conversion to occur on the source platform in order to detect the charset (codepage) of the messages, but now the converter has a new charset detection mechanism that is working quite well.

Emailchemy 9.8.6 released
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