computer-bugAs we’re building new features into Emailchemy, we’re also trying to fix all open bugs. There is one bug that is proving to be quite elusive, though. Some users have reported that after using Emailchemy’s Outlook 2011 Native converter, some messages with non-English characters do not render correctly. That is, they see question marks or incorrect characters in place of a German umlaut-o or the Swedish A with a circle above it.

The bug seems to be isolated to messages that were imported into Outlook 2011, as opposed to having been downloaded directly from a mail server. The workaround now is to export your Outlook mail to an OLM file and then have Emailchemy convert that, but we really want this to work natively. So far, our attempts to re-create this bug have failed, and so far nobody has been able to share a file with us for analysis. So, we’re asking for your help.

If you have tried to convert your Outlook 2011 Native files and have seen this bug, and if you can provide us some files so that we can reproduce the problem, we’ll give you a free Emailchemy Personal Edition – Household license. If you already have a license, we’ll extend it for another year free of charge.

Send an email to our helpdesk or support address and let us know if you can help.


We need your help to nail down an Outlook 2011 bug
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