software-updateEmailchemy 12.1.8 fixes a couple issues in the Entourage converter. There was a problem when converting Databases that contained multiple IMAP accounts, where the folders from the IMAP accounts were being merged under one root folder. This is now fixed and each IMAP account has a separate root account folder. There also was an issue with reading RFC-2822 message headers that were stored in Unicode. RFC-2822 message headers by definition should never be in Unicode, but we somehow managed to create some test data where this occurred, so we made the reader able to handle it.

We also took care of some annoying things in the GUI, like how the splitter and harvester tools’ interfaces looked different even though the tools have very similar workflows. We also squashed a bug in navigating between tools via the Tools menu.

Emailchemy 12.1.8 is a free update for all who bought version 12 or were entitled to the version 12 upgrade.

Emailchemy 12.1.8 release fixes GUI and Entourage bugs
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