Emailchemy’s IMAP server is often used for importing or migrating email into Outlook, but a recent update to Outlook 2016 for Windows introduced changes that broke compatibility with it. Basically, when setting up the Emailchemy IMAP account in Outlook, the server settings test would fail because Emailchemy didn’t provide an authenticating SMTP (outgoing mail) server.

The SMTP server that Emailchemy provides doesn’t do anything except allow Outlook to connect to it so that its account setup test completes.  The server doesn’t actually send any email.  Until now, Emailchemy only had to provide an SMTP server that accepts anonymous connections, but the recent Outlook update no longer allows anonymous connections.  So with Emailchemy v13.2.10, we changed the SMTP server so that it supports basic authentication methods and Outlook can once again complete the account setup tests.

Outlook 2016 also changed the account setup windows, so here’s a new walkthrough of the settings you’ll need to connect Outlook to Emailchemy’s IMAP server.

After you’ve converted your email to Emailchemy’s IMAP Import format, start the IMAP server in Emailchemy and then launch Outlook.

Then, in Outlook, go to the File menu, the Info tab, and click Add Account.

On the window that pops up, enter just “import” as the email address, click Advanced Options and check the box by “Let me set up my account manually”, then click “Connect”.

On the next screen, click the IMAP icon.

On the next screen, enter the server names and port numbers as indicated in this screenshot:

After clicking “Connect”, Outlook will test the connection and then tell you the new account is setup and ready to go.  In the Outlook folder list panel, you should see a new account called “import” with a folder called “Converted”.  Important: your converted email will be in this folder, not in the Inbox. The Converted folder is what you will want to copy to a new local folder. As Outlook copies the email from this folder, it adds them to your PST file.  For more info, see the Emailchemy User Manual and the Emailchemy FAQ.

Emailchemy 13.2.10 is a free update for v13 license holders.

Emailchemy 13.2.10 restores IMAP compatibility with latest Outlook
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